Monday, 24 November 2008

Bevelling & garboard planking!!!

Sep - Dec 2006 & beyond: The build log notes a 4 month break in serious work from May through to August. We were too busy with weddings, gardens and holidays to get stuck in. There was the odd desultory sanding and thinking about all those bevels on the stringers and frames.

In early September we started work on the bevels on the chine and 1st stringers. Initially it was true "wood work" with planes and good intent but after much cursing (stubbed fingers and grovelling in awkward positions) it became patently clear that it was going to be nigh on impossible so we threw caution to the winds and got out the ANGLE GRINDER. This tool should be in every arsenal and can be secretly used to great effect provided you are VERY careful!! Naturally, we finished off with fine wood workers' tools and were able to stand back and admire in true craftsman like fashion.

We made a pattern for the garboard plank (and all subsequent planks) from some thin 4mm ply before transferring the shape to already scarfed 9mm ply. We built in a 'safety margin' in terms of width on the basis that you can easily remove it but you can't add it! It was just as well we did because 4mm ply and 9mm ply do NOT take up the same shape when bent and twisted - and the garboard plank has an incredible amount of twist at the bow end. We were immensely gratified to find that the plank patterns could be used on both port and starboard sides with only minor adjustments.

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