Friday, 28 November 2008


There were quite a few modifications we made as we went along some of which I have already alluded to. Most involved what we saw as 'strengthening'. Hopefully we haven't made the boat too heavy or too stiff. I've listed some of them below in case they should be of any use to others.

Frame #2 : doubled in thickness as we felt that there would be enormous pressures in this area because of all the twists in stringers and planks.

Frame #6a : doubled in thickness - all that outboard vibration transmitted through this frame. Also added doublers on the port side to match the starboard side.

Transom & rudder: transom doubled in thickness ; added knees to strengthen the joint between the transom and the bottom board ; also decided we'd take the tiller over the top of the transom rather than through it due to concern over possible fouling with the outboard (It will involve an interesting laminated shape. The rudder design was altered with that in mind).

Bunkflats : greater framework support underneath to make the floor stiffer

Centreboard : added an aft uphaul and a front roller for the pulley uphaul (pulley attached to a larger and stronger mast step).

Side deck : added 9mm doublers underneath between each frame, including over the transom.

Foredeck : added a 9mm doubler at the 'bunkflat' end (for any belaying pins we might want to have).

So far we have enjoyed nearly every minute of the build project and we have a boat we can be proud of. We sincerely hope that the launch date will not be too far off, certainly by early spring 2009. See you there. It will be the River Severn at Upton upon Severn.

We are looking forward to trying out the yawl rig (it will be a first for both of us) and getting to know the boat in a variety of weather conditions. We'll probably do the first sailing trials on Lake Bala in North Wales before taking it out into coastal waters. See you there too!

Finally, a thankyou to John Welsford for a well thought out and lovely looking boat. We are going to enjoy it.

Paul & Anne, Alan & Sheila

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Steve said...

Absolutely beautiful boat! That really has to be one of the nicest Pathinders out there. I'll look forward to seeing photos of the launch.

Steve Earley
Pathfinder "Spartina"