Thursday, 27 November 2008

filleting, sanding and more sanding & then decking

Jul - Oct 2007 : before fitting the decks we thought it advisable to finsih off as much of the sanding as possible because as soon as the decking went on it would be very difficult to get at anything. Similarly any epoxy fillets had to be done and then smoothed and sanded down. Hours and hours were spent scraping and sanding, scraping and sanding. Its about the only bit of boat building I loathe!

Trying to find the best and most efficient use of expensive ply to complete the decking was a lot more difficult than we at first thought. There is a surprising amount of curve and twist in the fore deck and we thought that if we did it in two pieces with the join along the king plank we'd never get it to take up a pleasing shape. Equally it had to be joined to the side deck without 'kinking'.

In the end, this is exactly what we decided to do with the side deck being joined just above frame #3. Despite a lot of care we did get a slight kink at the side deck joint - nothing that a bit of filler wouldn't sort out, though.

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