Thursday, 27 November 2008

the turn over

Aug-Sep 2008 : we had long wondered how we were going to turn the boat over. Space was a little limited and the ceiling height was only about 2.2m - not all that more than the boat's beam. Jeff, my brother in law suggested, when on a visit, that we turn it over by 'spinning it' on its long axis. Like all good ideas, they have the advantage of simplicity.

I had a chain hoist and an engine mount from a previous kit car building project. Both were pressed into service and with a few mods, it became child's play. Using a rope strop on the rudder pintles and another on the stem u-bolt we lifted the boat clear of the building frame, removed that, spun the boat over using opposing ropes fitted through the rowlock mounts and the job was done. All that worrying over nothing. We then lowered the boat upside down onto beams resting on axle stands with 75mm thick pieces of builders thermal insulation board (the type that can stand huge compression weights) to save our precious paint work.

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