Sunday, 23 November 2008

More centreboard & building frame

Jan - Mar 2006 : dry fitted the centreboard case. Finalised detail to the pivot arrangement. Carried out experiments with lifting the cb using various pulley systems and aft point uphauls. Case eventually finished and capped in oak.

As a result, decided to modify the cb lifting arrangements and fit an aft uphaul through the cb case top and provide a front roller for a pulley uphaul with the block attached to a larger strengthened mast block.

Sourced quite a few fitiings and other things at a local Boat Jumble in Malvern.

Had a few trials and errors glass clothing the cb, mainly due, we suspect, to the waxy nature of the purple heart and or silver-bali stock.

Dry fixed frames over stem girder and to cb case. Things are starting to look interesting!

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