Thursday, 27 November 2008

painting the inside and first strake

After much deliberation and changing of minds we settled on International Paints with the top strake in Donegal Green, the inside with Toplac 'Ivory' (using 50% matting agent). As a base coat the inside received 2 coats of 'Intertox' wood preservative, followed by 3 coats of grey Yacht Primer, followed by 2 coats of Pre-Kote and then the Toplac coats.

The first strake had a similar treatment except the last primer coat was mixed 50:50 with the green followed by 2 coats of final Toplac colour. All the flat surfaces were done with a brush in one hand and a roller in the other. After every coat the paint work was rubbed down with very fine 'wet and dry'.

The inside of the boat was a pig to do. All those inner surfaces! We taped all the oak trims to prevent stray paint. It worked to a large degree with occasional mishap.

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