Monday, 24 November 2008

More planking

Sep - Dec 2006 : As we progressed in our build we altered our approach slightly. Subsequent full size plank patterns (2.4m long) were cut to approximate width, then lightly clamped onto the stringer above with an overlap on the stringer/plank below and then marked on the inside using the lower face of the lower stringer as the guide. The next plank pattern was 'overlapped' with the first and the process repeated for the whole strake.

Overlaps were scribed on each adjacent ply pattern, labelled, and then cut after removal. This enabled us to make strapped butt joints to get one continuous pattern. Even so, we found it was too difficult to handle such a long pattern and halved it at a point which gave us the best use of ply (we needed 3 lengths of ply per strake ie 2 scarf joints).

In the end we scarfed two lengths of ply 'on the bench' using 'balcotan' and the final one 'in situ' using epoxy.

At the bow there was quite a lot of work to do to ensure that each plank 'landed' smoothly on the stem and mated properly with the plank below.

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