Thursday, 27 November 2008

Planking finished

Jan - Apr 2007 : Work progressed slowly but we eventually finished all the planking and we allowed ourselves a little celebration. Not exactly Veuve Clicquot, but near enough! It was really a lovely looking boat. Even more exciting was the removal of all the bracing and releasing the boat frome the building frame.

Next was all the 20x20mm doublers on the frames to support the deck and coaming. After that, we fitted the bunk flats and seat tops having ensured that all the internal surfaces were well coated with epoxy, A heat gun works wonders. Also fitted the bunk flat drainage system.

Paul made the rudder after we decided that we would have the tiller go over the transom rather than through it. We couldn't quite see how, with the Yamaha outboard, the tiller wouldn't foul the top of it.

We had a long debate as to how we were going to ballast the boat, whether it was to be lead (bagged lead shot or similar or cast 'ingots') or water or cement and in particular where it should be located. Ultimately we decided to put it as near the centrboard as possible between Frames#4and #5. Later we cast twelve 5kg lead blocks each 80x45x120mm which were individually bolted down to a removable heavy duty carrying frame, with 6 blocks on either side of the cb case. Both 'sets' were to be accessible through the seat hatches. Old piping was our major source of lead.

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