Saturday, 22 November 2008

Marking out the frames and scarfing the bottom board

Feb 2005 : First scarf joint on the bottom 12mm board. Went well with a perfect epoxy joint. Delighted to say the least.

Thought the best way of achieving the most effiecient use of ply was to make 1:5 scale drawings of the frames,stem etc then to cut them out and then place the outlines on graph paper representing a 'scaled' sheet of ply. Seemed to work well. From then it was drawing all the frames straight on to ply.

Marked out the bottom board and faired the outline to a sweet shape. Lovely! Found a few discrepancies in the plan when trying to work out the position of the notch in the stem girder for the yawl. Perhaps it was our interpretation? Anyway, it was enough to sow doubts in our mind about accuracy of dimensions and from then on we checked and double checked. Oh for Autocad! (More of that later).

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